People and Culture

Russia has existed for nearly one thousand years, and as an empire from 1700 to 1917. However, people of numerous ethnicity have resided in the area now know as the Russian Federation, and nearby Central Asian republics, for a much longer time. As ancient DNA is recovered from Siberian sites around the Altai Mountains region evidence of highly developed civilization from as early as 40,000 years BP. It is said that the Romanov dynasty in 1700 changed the old calendar that then marked the year 7208 to conform with the Julian calendar.


What motivates this mysterious country? What is the secret of its victories and what lies behind the Russian leadership? Is it a strong and cruel tyrant lording over humble and unhappy people (as numerous researchers on Russia now claim), or an inspired union of the nation trusting the electorate with its own destiny? Or maybe something else?

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Galima Galiullina